When to Use Lotil

Anytime your skin needs extreme rehydration and repair
During the winter when the cold weather dries out your skin
After shaving, after waxing, after exposure to the sun
If you work outdoors for periods of time, whether it’s gardening or construction, or any sports activities that could cause your hands / skin to suffer from cuts and dryness
If you go from extremes of cold to heat which can cause your skin to dry out quickly
To prevent dry skin
If you are a diabetic suffering from dry skin symptoms
To alleviate symptoms of psoriasis and eczema

Who Can Use Lotil

Lotil’s specific formulation makes it suitable for everyone (except children below the age of four) and for all skin types:

To boost dry skin moisturisation levels
To help repair extremely dry/chapped skin
To keep normal skin soft and supple and help prevent any damage
It is also used effectively by diabetics suffering from dry skin symptoms and those suffering from psoriasis and eczema

What Lotil Products are available

Group Shot Large


Lotil Original Cream
Lotil Lip Care
Lotil Foot Cream

What Sizes is Lotil Available In?
Lotil Lip Balm ggg fen7072 3 Lotil produ4267F  Lotil Original Tube ooo
Lotil Lip Balm – 4g Lotil Cream – 30ml Lotil Cream – 50ml


Lotil Original 114ml Lotil Foot Cream uuu IMG 9995 1
Lotil Cream - 114ml Lotil Foot Cream - 114ml Lotil Cream - 500ml
Where Can I Use Lotil

Lotil can easily be applied wherever your skin needs it. Its non-greasy formula is rapidly absorbed which makes it ideal to use on your hands, elbows, knees, body and face. It should not be applied to skin in the area immediately surrounding the eyes.

Can Lotil be used on piles (haemorroids)?

Lotil can be used on piles to relieve itching and provide pain relief but it is not a cure for the condition

I suffer from eczema. Can I use Lotil

If you suffer from any condition which makes your skin extremely dry such as eczema or psoriasis, Lotil will help heal and hydrate skin and create a barrier against infection caused by dry, cracked skin. Lotil is also ideal for use if your skin has become dry through diabetes or post-chemo and radiotherapy treatment

Further Tips & Advice

If you suffer from dry skin try avoid excessively washing your hands and don't use highly fragranced soaps

Soap strips natural oils from the skin so always moisturise after washing your hands. Keep Lotil by your sink or in your bag so it’s always on hand. You can also wash your hands with Lotil to gently cleanse and hydrate your skin

In the cold weather wear gloves after moisturising to keep the moisture locked in and to help protect your hands

Try to avoid going from one extreme temperature to another e.g. from the winter cold to central heating

Lotil Original can also be used pre, during and and post shaving/waxing to ensure a closer, smoother shave and to help soothe the skin afterwards

Lotil can also be used to treat the symptoms of Athlete's Foot


Who Makes Lotil

Lotil is made in England for Fenton Pharmaceuticals, producers of the Delph Sun Lotion and After Sun range of products, providing affordable 4* superior protection.

How often can I apply Lotil?

Lotil can be used as often as you like. For best results apply frequently